Anniversary week – Day 1 of 5

Yesterday Jasmine showed us her new cover “The Days” from Avicii and it is one of my new favorite covers from her.
So awesome, soothing and … let me quote Avicii himself: “Breathtaking”:



This was like a knightly accolade and it was more than deserved!
Jasmine did again a brilliant job and put her own sound and feeling in this song:

Right after her cover was released she surprised us again with this message from her Instagram:

Arrived in Milan


What is she doing in Italy? Don’t ask me – she didn’t told us about it.

A really good start into our anniversary week 🙂
What anniversary?
On Friday the 10th. –  four years ago Jasmine uploaded her first video on Youtube.
And her official fan site celebrate this with five days of pure Jasmine, a lot of new stuff like videos, ultra HD screenshots and a lot more!

Today – like every Monday – is our #MusicMonday on Twitter and I’ll play your favorite original songs from Jasmine, that you have voted for the last month.
A little glimpse at the results:


More later this day!

And because it is the anniversary week here are HD screenshots from Jasmine’s recent cover “The Days”: click on this image to get to our gallery.


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