I’ve promised it to you last year and here is another chance to win one autographed photo from Jasmine Thompson:

The rules are simple:
Make a screenshort or photo from your Amazon, Google Playstore or iTunes Account, where you have Jasmine’s music – or show us a photo / screenshot while you are streaming her music on Spotify or Pandora.
Then go Twitter, make one tweet (you only need ONE tweet!) with this photo or screenshot, add the hashtag #WeLoveJasmine and send everything to my nickname: @Jasmine_Fanpage

The deadline for all tweets is March the 1st.
Good luck to everyone!

Unfortunately it looks like that we don’t get a video from Jasmine’s performance in Paris last week.
Well, there is one video from her performance at “Le Mag”, but the video is not sync and the audio is even more worse. You can watch it by clicking here – but you do it at your own risk! I don’t pay your hospital bill πŸ˜€

And what was Jasmine doing the last days? A lot of things:

That’s it for the moment, but stay tuned, this week is something awesome coming from Anis (@aniselidrissi) and me:


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One thought on “Win An Autographed Photo From Jasmine Thompson

  1. H.J Jang 4 years ago

    Can’t wait! :))