Let’s try to keep track with everything from Russia yesterday:

The day started for Jasmine with an interview (including a russian breakfast) at “Love Radio”:

The interview was great, they even made a Periscope live stream, where we saw Jasmine trying to eat some russian specialties and one looked like “cat food”:

You can watch the recording from the Periscope live stream here on the fan channel.

Jasmine went from Love Radio & the breakfast directly to Sasha Spilberg, who is a russian vloger & I think can see a video very soon:

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Next stop for Jasmine was “Europa Plus” where she gave a really great interview and performed together with Ben Martinez three acoustic songs. I recorded two of them for you & I’m almost sure we will see the full interview soon.

You can also see a lot of great photos on the website from Europa Plus, just click on the thumbnail below:



It’s impossible to collect all photos from yesterday, there were just too many!
But Jasmine also met a lot of fans in Russia:

According to Jasmine was it a great day in Moscow, just a little bit cold:


Jasmine & Ben were also a russian dance show called “Dance”. Unfortunately it was deleted from YouTube, but you can watch it here – thx to mainai4 for the find:

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