Tons of great things happened during Jasmine’s time in L.A. & New York City. Here’s a little recap for you:

Let’s start with the interview from the Creer Magazine. Beside a lot of great photos they also have a lot of background information about how & why Jasmine wrote the songs:

I really wanted to be more open with my followers about what is going on in my life and address some issues because I want my followers to feel like they aren’t alone in feeling lost sometimes.

Serious guys, don’t just watch the photos, read the text. You will get a much better feeling for Jasmine’s Wonderland EP. Here’s the article

Speaking of the Wonderland EP: On the release day uploaded Jasmine an awesome remix from “Old Friends” on YouTube:

If you still don’t have Jasmine’s new EP, click here to buy or stream it from your fav music station.

Just one day after the Wonderland EP, we released our brand new JasMag with the official lyrics from every single song, an interview with Jasmine and tons of unreleased photos, which you have never seen before. To celebrate Jasmine’s new music, we also have printed magazines this time. Just click on the thumbnail below:


Jasmine also attend at the ASCAP awards where she sang for Meghan Trainor & met her after the show:

You can watch Jasmine’s performance at the ASCAP awards here:

To celebrate the release of her new music, Jasmine did a live stream on her Instagram and YouTube:

Right after Los Angeles travelled Jasmine to New York City where she gave AOL Build Series a great interview, performed at The Standart hotel. She was also live at Nylon Magazine’s Facebook and did an outstanding beautiful live performance at the TODAY show from NBC:


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