I guess everybody has those memories to great times with some friends in the past. Memories connected with a lot of emotions & Jasmine hit with her 2nd single exactly that nerve – in a good way of course.

Even I sat here, listened to “Old Friends” and found myself remembering a lot of great moments with my ‘old friends’.

Jasmine about “Old Friends”:

You meet new people every day and talk to them and get to know them, but it’s not the same as what you have with your best friends who have been there for you. I love the song. It feels like a part of me.

You can see that Jasmine love this song when you watch the video:

It’s made with a lot of passion and focused on the lyrics.
Speaking of lyrics: You can read the lyrics here on our fansite or watch the beautiful lyrics video I made here on YouTube.

If you like “Old Friends” and Jasmine’s Wonderland EP, please consider to pre-order or stream it! Just hit the button below and choose your fav music station:

You can also post a photo from you & your old friends on the socials by using the hashtag #oldfriends

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