2017 is going to an end & it was one of the busiest years for Jasmine (and tbh for me too).
Let’s list some of the countries Jasmine visited this year: United Kingdom, France, Finnland, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, Canada, USA, Romania, Germany, Italy,
It all started with the release of Jasmine’s “Wonderland” EP in May.
Right after the release was Jasmine in the USA for a promotion tour and made a live performing at the “Today Show”:

This was also the start of Jasmine’s Way To Wonderland tour with stages in New York City, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Paris and London.

Summer 2017 was full of small performances and appearances for example in Paris, the ASCAP Awards, promotion in Hamburg, an interview with Elle, a show in Bari, Berlin and the Untold festival.

Right after that very busy summer started the South Asia tour for Jasmine in Manila, Indonesia and Japan:

Together with Astrid S was Jasmine on tour all over North America with stages in Toronto, New York, LA & Philadelphia:

Please remember that I just listed some of many many highlights from 2017!
Take a look at our fan channel on YouTube, where we have everything collected for you and also in our fan gallery.

Like I said at the beginning, it was a year filled with so many appearances that not even I can remember everything and to be honest: I am really tired after this year. Not tired of Jasmine or her music, just tired and I’m happy that Jasmine decided to take some time off from social media to regain new power & inspiration.

Last but not least: Thank you to everyone who is still supporting the fansite: You, the fans, Jasmine, for still believing in me after more than 3 years now. Jasmine’s incredible management team with Will, Matt & Annie who are more than supportive all the time!
Jasmine’s mum for being a true friend even through hard times!

I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas & a happy new year. Hope you’ll have some beautiful and relaxed days with your loved ones.
The fansite is now going (like every year) into the Christmas holidays and I will be back with new power early 2018 and I’m really looking forward to it.

See you in 2018 – Ad Astra




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