Hey guys,

not even sure where I should start with the news today …
It was the 15th November 2017 as Jasmine posted that Tweet:

It was right after a long year with lots of performances and promo session all over the whole wide world for Jasmine. And I was really afraid after seeing that tweet!
Knowing that Jasmine wasn’t happy almost broke my uber-fan heart!
Jasmine wrote about why she took that break and much more on her official website and I really recommend you to read it.

Jasmine’s break was long for us fans. Even I got bored. But I knew that it was the right step for Jasmine & her music.
Making music is always a creative process and you have to love what you do, or it isn’t art anymore.

Okay, that’s enough from the past. We are now in 2019 and Jasmine is back:

And with that announcement, I felt much happier again. Not because of the new ‘colour’ EP. Not because of her 1st single ‘loyal’.
I felt much happier because I knew that if Jasmine decided to come back, she must be honestly ready for a new start and much more important: Jasmine is happy again!

Yesterday was the release of ‘loyal’. Jasmine’s first single from her upcoming EP ‘colour’.
The track is relaxed and very chill and has that jazz feeling with an orchestral sound which makes it even greater. The lyrics are about Jasmine’s life and a relationship that didn’t work because of trust issues from both sides.
Jasmine said to The Line Of Best Fit:

We didn’t trust each other, and as it turned out, we both had a good reason.

Now to the video and I’m always very picky about videos. Because I love quality and videos which catch up with the lyrics as good as possible.
The video for ‘loyal’ is a piece of art which I really love! I don’t say that because I’m Jasmine’s official fan site. I also tell everyone whenever I don’t like something.
But this video is honestly beautiful made with lots of passion and love for every single frame!
And (I checked it with Jasmine’s team) it’s the very 1st time Jasmine is dancing in a music video!

Enough said – take a look at the video and make your own decision if you haven’t done it already:

You can stream or download ‘loyal’ by clicking this link.

Jasmine’s EP ‘colour’ will be released on March 29th and some fans will also get the chance to see her live again:

Great news – isn’t it?
Enough for now – I’m sure more news will follow and there is also another surprise coming from the fan site. But more later!
I hope you’ll all have a great weekend!

With lots of love from Germany to all the fans out there


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