Fan Stories

It all started when I was searching for covers of ‘‘Take Me to Church’’ on YouTube. I watched one cover and then looked at the recommended videos.
Jasmine’s cover was at the top. I almost didn’t click on it but I’m glad I did.
Right when she sang the first few words I fell in love with her voice. After I watched that I started watching her other videos. I couldn’t believe she had such a
powerful and unique voice. If there was one word to describe her it would be angelic.

With such a powerful voice I wasn’t sure how old she was. I guessed around 17
years old. Then I figured out she was only 14 years old. I was amazed. I discovered her in February 2015. Since then I noticed she’s becoming more well known.

Jasmine has been traveling and performing so much this year. It really is incredible that she’s so young and already this successful. I listen to her music everyday. You can never get tired of a voice like that.
I hope to meet Jasmine one day and be able to
see her perform live. I would also love to get her signature on one of my drawings of her. I would like to thank Stefan and Eca for letting me share
my story. I would also like to thank Jasmine for making me happy everyday with her beautiful voice.


I met Jasmine in Hamburg!

Today was a very special day for me and my friend, because we had the chance to meet Jasmine Thompson. We were in Hamburg at the Sports-hall at 3 o’clock. We were a little early in Hamburg because we thought that we would see Jasmine at 4pm, but i got a message that she had time for us at 6:30pm.

Thats why we had time to meet another Jasmine Thompson fan called Julchen. We waited with Julchen in front of the sports-hall. We listened to “Sun goes down” at a loud volume. All the other people stared at us because we sang along very loudly. Later I saw a woman with many different clothes over her arm. I wondered Why someone had so many extra clothes at a concert.

I realized a second later that it was Annie, and next to Annie was Jasmine. I was so excited, I ran to her and i said “Willkomen in Germany :D” I gave Jasmine a big hug and we took selfies. She had to go straight on for a Soundcheck. Later, Annie picked us up so we could see Jasmine again. We took more selfies and we made a photobombing video with William, Annie, Anura Julchen and Jasmine on her snapchat, this video is so funny! At 9 o’clock the concert started with DJ Robin Schulz. It was an amazing show! At the end of the concert, it was time to say goodbye to my new awesome friends (Gergana, Pati and Julchen.)

We shared our phone numbers and we said goodbye. When I was at home, I still had not realized what had happened that day. AMAZING!


I want to tell you how I met Jasmine the 1st time.
It was a normal day like any other, then I saw on Twitter that Jasmine was on tour with Ella Eyre in Germany. One of the tour stops in Cologne, which was not far away from me. I asked my mother if I can go there but there were some problems 1) it was on sunday 2) it was a little bit late and 3) next day was school, so no chance.

But some days later I asked my mother again, this time she said yes, I was so happy at this moment! My mother sent me a picture of the tickets while I was at school when they arrived! Amazingly, they were the last 2 tickets!! Then was the 20th September. My father and me were on the way to Cologne, we walked a little bit in the city. Then we went to the concert and waited to go in. As the concert started, I heard her voice the first time, it was so magical!! And after the concert finished, I searched Jasmine but I didn’t found her outside, I go again in but again, she wasn’t there…

Again we go outside and then was there, I took a photo with her and she signed my ticket!! Jasmine is the kindest person who I ever met! That was my best day EVER!


I want to tell my story on how I found the beautiful voice of jasmine !
So  I will just start from the beginning the first time I heard jasmine’s voice was when I was in a car driving to a football match.
It was around June 2015 if I remember it well.
While we were driving to the match the song Ain’t Nobody came up on the radio.
Since that moment in the car I listend the song like 3 or 4 times a day for a couple of days I just couldn’t get enough of it.
After those few days I was looking for the names who made this song.(Ain’t Nobody)
Then I found it was from Felix Jaehn and Jasmine Thompson I never had heard of the two before and because I loved the voice of Jasmine in the song Ain’t Nobody I was looking if she had more songs.
And that was the first time I looked on her youtube channel.
The first cover I found was Mad World and after I listend to that I directly subscribed on her because it was just amazing, the voice it was really beautiful. For like 2 days long I was listening to all her covers and songs and I was turning in to a fan at that moment.
I looked on twitter for her, instagram, snapchat, facebook all the social media.
That is my story on how I found Jasmine Thompson.

And now I’m very proud that I am a fan of Jasmine because her voice is so beautiful and all the other fans are just so amazing to talk with.
I listen to Jasmine’s music everyday and I just can’t get enough of it. It just makes me smile and makes me feel better if it’s not going well. And she just keep surprising me with her voice how beautiful it is.
That was my story 🙂
Thank you Stefan that I can do this! And for all the things you do for Jasmine.
And I want to thank Jasmine for all the things she does do. She makes me smile everyday and I really hope that I can have the oppurtinity to meet her one day so we can make a selfie and I can get a autograph of her and just talk to her for a few minutes.