[Author’s Note: This is my first music review for the Official Jasmine Thompson website.  The original version was published on my music review blog, TantrumJas Music Reviews, where you can find earlier reviews of Jasmine’s songs.]

Jasmine Thompson’s new original single Adore is a stunning success.  Her first original released under the Atlantic Records label exceeds all and any expectations.

Adore is breathtaking.  Literally.  I held my breath listening to it for the first time, it’s so good.  It’s a hypnotic, ethereal, electronic dance track with a very catchy beat, evocative lyrics, and heart-achingly beautiful vocals.  Stylistically, Adore is similar to the sounds of Jasmine’s top charting EDM singles Sun Goes Down and Unfinished Sympathy.

Two words quickly come to mind to describe Adore.  First word is catchy.  Its beat is catchy, its chorus is catchy, its lyrics are catchy.  The signature line from the chorus, “I adored you before I laid my eyes I laid my eyes on you,” is catchy as all get out.  I love the French line, “L’amour Toujours,” as well.

The second word to describe Adore – unique.  Adore is not one of those catchy but forgettable songs.  It’s catchy and unforgettable, it’s catchy and unusual.  And of course, Jasmine’s vocals are ethereal and beautiful as ever.  The great thing about Adore is that the dance beat does not overpower her vocals.  The wistful, haunting Jasmine Thompson sound is on full display with Adore, lending the song a sweet melancholy.

Ultimately, Adore is a success, not just because it’s a well-crafted song, but because of what it signifies for Jasmine’s career.  The release of Adore is a significant step in Jasmine’s transformation from cover artist to full-fledged professional recording artist.

On Youtube, there are a flood of cover artists who want to record their original material full-time.  The problem is, for many of those artists, their originals are pretty forgettable.  You listen to them and soon the songs slips easily from your mind and you’re back to listening to that artist’s covers.  Listening to Adore, on the other hand, made me crave more of Jasmine’s original artistry and sound, more of her original songs.

With Adore, Jasmine has started the process of becoming identified and defined by her originals instead of by her covers.  I was able to watch one of Jasmine’s live radio sessions on periscope, and I was fortunate enough to listen to her sing another original off her forthcoming EP.  I was blown away by the sheer beauty, distinctiveness, and sophistication of that song.  Like with Adore, listening to that song made me want to hear even more originals.

The Jasmine Thompson sound is evolving, forming, coalescing; we are seeing and listening to it grow right before our eyes and ears.

Of course, we still love Jasmine’s covers, and I am glad she will continue to upload covers on Youtube.  But, slowly but surely, Jasmine will become the recording artist who does covers, rather than a cover artist who does originals.  And when Jasmine is a fully established star recording artist, we’ll look back to the release of Adore as a defining moment in her career.  It’s but a first step, but it is one really gigantic first step.